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Google is making it’s own Facetime application for Android | iOS

Google company is planning to launch Duo application which works familiar like FaceTime for both Android and iOS systems. Already Google introduced Hangouts but mostly customers are using Skype and other type of video calling services. However, hangouts is very good destination for conference call and much more features at free of cost.
Google duo launched for android, google making own version of FaceTime for Android and iOS.

Google Duo familiar application Facetime application for Android | iOS launching by Google

It is such a surprise that Google is planning to initiate another project like Hangouts but with more advanced features.  Google also provided a pre-registration option for mobile users, you can go and register to get faster than other people.
Go to this link –  to see more information about Google Duo application. Along with that, you might be also interested to know about Google Allo which gives incredible experience about messaging.

Google Duo is avail for Pre-register for Android

Although we cannot run FaceTime on Android or other operating systems because FaceTime is only avail to Mac and iOS operating systems which runs by Apple Company.
However, FaceTime cannot run on Android, you can check how to run FaceTime for android
un-officially, if you want to read click on the link. The features on FaceTime app was really worthy and made people to use it than other popular video calling applications like Skype, Hangouts, Viber and others.
I think, Duo application can reach more people than FaceTime because it’s availability to other mobile operating systems. Google may launch this application soon and replace hangouts application for users to give more experience for video calling purpose.
We hope to see the best intelligent video calling application and everyone may love to use it. Also, check out about FaceTime for android free download to get more information about to run FaceTime application on android devices.
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